Conception Bay South Growth and Development

Newfoundland and Labrador’s remarkable economic growth is due, in great part, to offshore developments, resource extraction and manufacturing – including Vale Inco’s multi-billion-dollar nickel processing facility. With the Town of Conception Bay South’s close proximity to major developments, the local commercial, industrial and residential sectors are experiencing and projecting substantial continued growth. Conception BaySouth now possesses unique assets and resources that offer potential investment and development partners an inherent value proposition.

The west end of Conception Bay South is predicted to continue to have rapid growth and expansion in the residential and commercial sectors. Residential growth will be considerable, based upon the improved transportation network and infusion of additional capital funding for water and sewer. The multi-billion dollar Vale Inco and Hebron projects will make Conception Bay South attractive for those wishing to commute to these project worksites, due to the improved transportation link which makes travel time from Conception Bay South less than an hour. Already, the west end of town has seen an increase in housing starts due to the alternate access that public road improvements have provided. In recent years, housing starts in the west end communities include more than 50% of the housing starts throughout the town. More than 2,400 homes have been constructed in Conception Bay South in the past 10 years alone.

Subdivision Development 2016 – Active and Proposed