Fall 2012

End of Summer To-Do Lists and Tips!

Submitted by: Hickey’s Greenhouses and Nursery, 782 Conception Bay Highway

To stay ahead of the gardening cycle: 

1. Do an inventory of seeds, organize & label them, and store them in a dry place.

2. Put together a wish list for your garden for next year. Draw it out on graph […]

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Summer 2012

NLOWE Mastermind Group
NLOWE is starting a Mastermind Group for businesswomen in Conception Bay South. A maximum of 10 businesswomen from non- competing businesses will be admitted to the group. From this group, participants will gain experience, skills and confidence, progress in your business, an instant and valuable support network, a shared sense of endeavor, […]

Winter 2012

Know When to Say No Thanks!
Submitted by: iTech Computers

As of late, we have received numerous phone calls from customers who have received a phone call from what seems to be a reliable source, informing them that they have some problem with their computer. One customer said the caller claimed to be working at Microsoft, […]

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