Fall Favourite Perennial – Asters

Submitted by: Hickey’s Greenhouses & Nursery Ltd., 689 Conception Bay Highway

It’s hard to imagine a fall garden without Asters. When little else is blooming, they can really brighten your outdoor spaces! Asters are versatile and easy to grow and come in a wide variety of sizes and growth forms. Easily mixed in borders and beds, Asters combine beautifully with other plants. Their tiny flowers in white, pink or lavender bloom in great profusion with dense bushy plants. The flowers sprays are particularly good for cutting. Spring is the favoured planting time in all regions, and most species grow best with full sun and well-drained, fertile soil. Interplant with spring-flowering bulbs such as daffodils, to fill gaps early in the season before the Asters fill out. To promote dense, compact growth and eliminate the need to stake, pinch back growth tips two or three inches once or twice in spring and early summer before flowers begin to develop. Or shear Asters back by half in spring.

Autumn Tip – Protect an in-ground plant that is sensitive to winter freezing by wrapping a wire mesh cylinder around it and filling the cylinder with autumn leaves.

Family Game Night!

Submitted by: Ms. Taylor’s Pre-K, 1009 Conception Bay Highway

Many families today are so busy with work, homework, school, and after-school activities that the opportunity to spend quality time together can be limited. Family game night is a great way for families to bond and have some fun. For one hour, one night a week, schedule a family game night. Turn off the iPods, iPads, cell phones, computers and televisions and take out an “old-fashioned” board game. Board games can be a great and fun educational tool. They help to teach children counting and number skills, turn-taking, patience, following directions, and good sportsmanship. They allow families to interact as a group, communicate, bond, and have some fun. Board games are an interactive activity that the whole family can do together. Consider starting a game night and start building some great family memories together!

Your Customers Are Mobile. Are You Reaching Them?

Submitted by: The Telegram Digital Advertising

People are consuming more and more content on their mobile phones and tablets. From news and sports to weather and social media, 58% of Canadians use some form of mobile internet, averaging .5 hours per day. As a business, you need to ask yourself if you have the tools to reach your increasingly mobile customer. Is your webpage mobile responsive? Do I have a click to call option on my website? Am I running a mobile display advertising campaign? Have I set-up my local profile on Google+ so my customers can easily find my store? If you aren’t thinking about how to reach your mobile customers you should start. Chances are you competition already is!

Clothes Dryer Fire Prevention

Submitted by: Advanced Thermal Imaging Inc., Conception Bay South

Clothes dryer fires are on the rise. Traditionally, dryers were located in open basements in homes that were less energy efficient. Now it is becoming more common to install dryers in small rooms and closets within structures that are more energy efficient. A dryer requires a lot of air to operate efficiently and safely. A 250 cubic feet per minute dryer in a 2,000 square foot home will replace the air approximately every hour. Air will flow into the home from small deficiencies and vents within the structure to replace the air being used. Unfortunately, your dryer may not be getting the air it needs. Inadequate air flow over the dryer elements may cause them to overheat. Under the right (or wrong) conditions, the very flammable lint inside the dryer and ducts can ignite. Dryers and ducts should be properly installed and cleaned annually. Your dryer may even require “make-up” air from the rest of your house to help it maintain adequate air flow. Dryer ducts should be as short and direct as possible to the exterior. Practice safe drying, give your dryer the air it needs and save energy by drying outdoors when the weather permits (summer and winter).

Common Flea Myths

Submitted by: CBS Animal Hospital, 4 Coffee Creek Place

My pet cannot get fleas because it is completely indoors.

  • An indoor environment is the perfect environment for fleas to thrive due to the constant temperature and humidity level. One flea can start an infestation.

My pet cannot possibly have fleas because I am not seeing any.

  • If the flea burden if relatively small, you may not see them. They are very small and most pets are very good at licking them away.

My indoor cat cannot get fleas because my dog is on flea medication.

  • If the dog picks up fleas and they get knocked off before getting a blood meal (and thus getting killed or sterilized by the flea product) they could get on the cat and begin an infestation


Two long-time businesses in the Town of Conception Bay South recently teamed up and are going to soon have a new place to call home. Kelligrews Dental Clinic and Mae Design Limited are constructing a new 6,000 sq. foot two-story building at 615 Conception Bay Highway, which is located at the intersection of Middle Bight Road and Route 60. The building exterior is being constructed of insulated concrete and will have a modern composite metal panel and reflective glass appearance. The new location is expected to be completed by November 2014. Kelligrews Dental Clinic has been in the community for 33 years and Mae Design Limited has been a local engineering business in the community for 16 years. This partnership is an excellent example of businesses working together to provide enhanced services to the community!


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