The most prominent industrial area in Conception Bay South that houses facilities for the storage and transfer of materials is situated at the Port of Long Pond. Several businesses providing marine services are located adjacent to the site. The Port has a history of handling bulk commodities (i.e. feed grain, crushed rock, lumber, road salt). It’s water depth and wharf space is adequate to accommodate multiple vessels and local usage. The wharf structure is rated for heavy load capacity and has a 220 ton crane available for the loading and unloading of cargo. Current primary users include:

  • County Ribbon (animal feed shipments/13 silos on port lands)
  • Woodward Oil (distribution of oil via pipeline/tank farm)
  • St. Lawrence Cement (cement shipments/2 silos)
  • Trinity Resources (ore and aggregates shipments)
  • Small recreational users via Sunset Key Marina

Long Pond is also home to the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club. Recognized as a world-class facility and with over 350 memberships and 120 large yachts, it is a prominent tourist attraction and point of interest.

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Port of Long Pond Opportunity Sheet

Built for Industrial Opportunities