NLOWE Mastermind Group

NLOWE is starting a Mastermind Group for businesswomen in Conception Bay South. A maximum of 10 businesswomen from non- competing businesses will be admitted to the group. From this group, participants will gain experience, skills and confidence, progress in your business, an instant and valuable support network, a shared sense of endeavor, and an ability to design things the way you want them to be rather than what you have been told they should be. If you are interested in joining a Mastermind Group, contact Ashton Lane, Business Advisor (Growth) for the Avalon Region at alane@

Hanging Artwork

Submitted by: Norm Owner/Operator) & Renee (Sales Associate) NJ Downey’s Custom Framing & Art Gallery

The confusion begins with where to start. It is recommended you stay away from areas in your home that may be exposed to direct sunlight since now that you’ve made the investment, you wouldn’t want the sun to cause any damage. This may be difficult in some homes, however if it’s completely unavoidable it is recommended that you have your piece framed with non glare glass which has UV protection. To take extra precaution in protecting your art you can ensure all your framing materials are 100% acid free which means they don’t contain any acids or chemicals which break down over time and cause damage to your artwork.
Once you choose your location, now comes the tasks of hanging. A general rule of thumb is to hang the artwork’s centre of the print at eye level of the average height person. A common assumption seems to be finding the stud, however be rest assured that it’s not necessary. You can also ensure that you are provided with hangers that are designed to hold up to 30 lbs for drywall, to secure your artwork so you don’t have to worry. There are also larger hangers available for heavier pieces. Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect location and have it hung properly, now sit back and enjoy it!

Planning, Planning, Planning

Submitted by: RONA and The Telegram

If you live in an older house, chances are that you will want to update or replace cladding, doors and windows at some point. Exterior renovations can give new life to a “tired” home and reduce maintenance significantly. At the same time, you can improve the energy efficiency, security and general comfort of your home. When you are ready to begin planning, talk to a professional renovator to get ideas and a sense of cost. Make sure it’s someone who is experienced in exterior renovations and can offer you both sound technical advice and design assistance.  Replacing your siding presents the perfect opportunity to upgrade the installation from the outside. Based on the existing structure, your renovator can suggest a number of difference approaches, such as adding a layer of ridged or semi-rigid insulation or installing an air barrier to reduce leakage. An experienced renovator will also know what to avoid, trapping moisture between two vapor barriers, for instance. Your renovator can also advise you on the right glazing for your new energy-efficient windows to capture the sun’s heat on the north side, to block our sunlight and excess heat gain on the south side and to cut glare. With today’s new products, it’s easier to secure your home. Exterior doors can be fitted with deadbolts and strong locks, and windows can be installed with solid locking mechanisms. Consult with your renovator about other measures you can take, such as bars on basement windows. If you have been thinking about a security system, this might be the most cost-effective time to install one. Good lighting is also important to safety. Install lights wherever visibility is an issue-over entrances, along walkways and next to sheds or garages. A programmable timer or lights that are photo or motion sensitive offer additional security when you are away from home. Lower Maintenance One of the great benefits of today’s exterior building products and materials is low maintenance, no more summers spent scraping, sanding and painting siding, trim and windows. As you select the products and materials for your renovation, consult with your renovator to make sure of exactly what you are getting.

Best New Product Goes to CBS Business

Indigena Enterprises Inc. led by entrepreneur Lisa Walsh was presented the Heather Stone Award for Best New Product at the 2012 Provincial Craft Wholesale Show in March sponsored by the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development. Indigena is quickly gaining international attention from their recent attendance at the Natural Product West Expo in California where they met great success. They are very supportive within the community and mindful of environmental awareness. Indigena Enterprises is less than a year old and manufactures natural skincare products from their Topsail Road location.

The Tourism Atlantic Technology Award

The Tourism Atlantic Technology Award highlights the achievements by members of the Atlantic Canada tourism industry by promoting technology as an increasingly important strategic priority in the tourism industry. Ocean Quest Adventure Resort has expanded from a provider of diving excursions to a world- class adventure provider, ocean-inspired spa, four star accommodations, private boat charter, full- service scuba facility, and commercial provider. After completing a mentoring session, Ocean Quest got serious about their web presence. By making a concerted investment in their web presence, they have made upgrades and advancements that would be the envy of any tourism operator. By integrating all products under the one digital roof, they provide e-commerce that allows closing the sale online without ever having to lift a finger. Their use of social media has allowed them to market all arms of their business and make sure everyone knows the name, Ocean Quest.

Brides Beware

Submitted by: Connie, Julie and Cyndi, Ever After Bridal Boutique

Planning your big day could actually be fun and easy! You don’t need to battle it alone!

• Choose a dress that fits your personality and wedding location • Seek honest opinions and take your time with decisions • It is recommended that you order your dress 4-5 months before your wedding date to allow time for transportation and alterations. Any alterations can be done about a month before wedding date • Always purchase directly from an authorized retailer. When ordering through an authorized retailer you will be assured that you will receive personalized and knowledgeable service • Many brides dreams have been shattered after making their purchase on the Internet. When purchasing on the internet you could be purchasing a counterfeit. There are stories of receiving the wrong dress, color or not receiving your dress at all and now you have no resource because it was purchased on the internet.


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