Being a Socially Responsible Consumer

Submitted by: Coffee Matters Express, 7 Conception Bay Highway

It is hard to believe that there are consumers who still do not know the importance of buying and supporting certified fair trade organic coffee and teas. There are a lot of misconceptions about the cost associated with buying these products. The prices are often higher due to the fact that the farmer who grows and harvests the coffee is paid a fair price for his product. If you visit a farm that produces fair trade and organic beans, adults, not children, are harvesting beans. All children are to be in school getting an education rather than helping the family harvest. As well, the beans and teas are grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. The living conditions of farmers at fair trade organic farms are better than that of non-fair trade. As socially responsible people we should be supporting fair trade and organic products.

Minerals Are Everywhere

Submitted by: Trinity Resources Ltd., 250 Minerals Road

Minerals are in almost everything! To live life without them is nearly impossible. From the cars we drive, the houses we live in, the shoes we wear, the utensils we use to prepare food, and even the food we eat, minerals are a huge part of our daily lives.  One such mineral, pyrophyllite, can be found in a wide variety of things such as plastic, paint, coatings, paper, rubber, ceramics, fiberglass, make-up, and agriculture products.  It is almost identical to talc, and when ground down to a very light and fluffy powder it can be added to many products to enhance performance.  Take a plastic bag for example, have you ever wondered why some plastic bags stick together more than others? It is essentially the quality of mineral used in the manufacturing process.  Next time you have a moment, take a look around to see how many items you can find in your home that does not have any minerals in them.

Trinity Resources

Heating Cost Pains

Submitted by: Advanced Thermal Imaging, Conception Bay South

There is a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the increase in energy costs when the weather gets colder. It can be explained as a kind of supply and demand scenario. If your home thermostats are set at 20°C and the exterior temperature drops, the demand on the energy source (power grid) to supply you with the same levels of heating (20°C) will increase. Every degree drop in temperature will increase the amount of power needed to keep your home heated to 20°C and, therefore, cost you more in power consumption. You can help decrease energy costs by reducing consumption by adding insulation, installing energy efficient doors and windows, reducing hot water usage, installing programmable thermostats, and turning down your thermostats. Become energy wise and research ways to save energy while keeping your home free of mold and moisture problems. Even little changes can really add up over time. Energy conservation is a lifestyle change for the better!

Everything Has A Season

Submitted by: Taylors Market, 528 Conception Bay Highway

“Local” means something different to everyone, but for many it means something that is grown, produced, or made within driving distance (within the province for instance). In Conception Bay South, residents are very fortunate because there are many farms and producers in this area where one can go and buy locally produced products. You can actually see where the product is made and talk to the farmer or producer directly! There is a wide variety of products that are now being offered locally. Cod, lobster, crab, halibut, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables including kale, kohlrabi, beans, berries, apples, and tomatoes! Everything has a season of availability, with spring, summer and fall being best! One can go to the beach and watch fishermen bring in their daily catch! How great is that! You can enjoy local products whilst keeping the local economy strong!

Traditional Newfoundland Music is Alive and Well in Conception Bay South

Submitted by: Music Immersion, 10 Minerals Road

In Newfoundland we are fortunate to have a rich and unique culture. The infectious sound of our music is a source of collective pride. Love for our culture results in a continued desire to keep our traditions alive. Children who grow up in homes where traditional instruments and singing are commonly heard are fortunate to be living our unique culture. Opportunities to hear Newfoundland and Labrador music are many, with several radio hours each weekend devoted to traditional music and interviewing people who have devoted their lives to playing it.

Cold Climate Gardening

Submitted by: Hickey’s Greenhouses and Nursery Ltd., 689 Conception Bay Highway

When choosing perennials and shrubs for a cold climate garden (such as you will find in Newfoundland) it is important to select hardy varieties suited to the climate zone you live in. The climate zone for the Newfoundland gardener ranges from 3b to 6a, with Conception Bay South area falling in zone 5b. Choosing plants zoned for 5b or lower will ensure a reasonable degree of success in your garden. The plant tags on most varieties will give you this information, but if you are in doubt, check with your local nursery. When planning your garden, you may wish to consider the following suggestions that have proven success in this area.

You may find success with some of these hardy shrubs, listed here by their common names: Siberian Cypress, Ninebark – “Dart Gold”, Redbark Dogwood, Siberian Peashrub, Forsynthia “Northern Gold”, Alpine Current, Weigela “Red Prince”, European Snowball, Mugo Pine, Golden Elder, Potentilla, and Spirea. These hardy perennials are also a good choice, listed here by their common names: Bleeding Heart, Geranium, Day Lillies, Hosta, Lavender, Bearded Iris, Lupins, Peonie, Creeping Phlox, and Primrose. There are many other varieties of shrubs and perennials on the market that are suitable for our climate. If plant tags include the works “Siberian”, “Arctic”, or “Alpine”, it is a good indicator that it is a hardy variety.

Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

The Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce would like to extend sincere appreciation to its Past President, Mr. Dave Murphy, for the outstanding contribution he has made to our local Chamber.

As President for nearly fifteen years, Dave gave the Chamber great profile, publicly expressing his views in the media and at various stakeholder meetings.  Under his Leadership, the Chamber earned the title of Newfoundland & Labrador Chamber of the Year, the President’s Award, Atlantic Provinces, and Dave himself was awarded the Newfoundland & Labrador Member of the Year.

A teacher for 30 years, Dave has always been an enthusiastic volunteer:  12 years with the Navy Cadet Sailing Program, Founding President of the Charter Boat Association, Past Direc- tor with Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador, President of the Parent Teachers Association of Holy Spirit High School, as well as President and Director at Large of the Newfoundland & Labrador Chamber of Commerce.  He is also well known for hosting his “Family Fun Day & Pirate Show” on Topsail Beach each year.

The saying, “There is no bigger heart than that of a volunteer” certainly applies, as Dave has served citizens of Conception Bay South, the region, and the Province earnestly and honestly.  Although the reins have been handed over, he will continue to serve in a Director capacity and as an ambassador, both for the CBA Chamber as well as the Town.  Thank you Dave for all that you do, and all the best in fighting the good fight.

Dave Murphy Head Shot


Harris Rebar was recently named the winner of the NLCA (Newfoundland & Labrador Construction Association) Subcontractor Award of Excellence. This award was created to recognize member firms who have demonstrated achievements and commitments to the advancement of high quality commercial and industrial construction through the supply of first-rate products and services and high quality construction in the trade areas.  This award is presented to an active subcontractor who has shown outstanding skill in their craft and in the provision of products and services.

Harris Rebar - NLCA Awards 2014

Congratulations to the management and staff of the A&W Store located in  Manuels upon receiving the President’s Silver Award as one of the top ten A&W restaurants in Canada. The award is given annually to A&W restaurants that achieved excellence in sales performance, quality of food, service and operations. The award was presented to Store Manager Tina McDonald and Franchisees Scott and Karen Bartlett at the A&W convention held in Los Angeles on February 15, 2014.

A&W - President’s Silver Award

Grand Openings!

CBS Animal Hospital is having an Open House on Saturday, May 24, 2014 from 12:00 noon – 4:00 pm to celebrate their Grand Opening! Join them at 4 Coffee Creek Place (next to Tim Hortons) for hospital tours, children’s activities (dress up like a surgeon, face painting, balloons, and more), meet some local rescue organizations, BBQ and treats, and door prizes! Everyone is invited!

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