Know When to Say No Thanks!

Submitted by: iTech Computers

As of late, we have received numerous phone calls from customers who have received a phone call from what seems to be a reliable source, informing them that they have some problem with their computer. One customer said the caller claimed to be working at Microsoft, another said they were calling from HP. All claimed to have detected a variety of problems including damaged files or a virus. they encourage the person on the telephone to let them access their computer, at which time they will remotely fix the issue. If you receive a call like this, politely say “no thanks” and hang up. One of the customers I spoke of allowed them to access her computer and ended up losing many of her files as a result. In addition to the possibility of losing data, you run the risk of identity theft as you will be requested to pay for their services by credit card. Microsoft, HP, or any other legitimate company will nOt call you out of the blue and tell you they discovered a problem with your computer. You have to ask yourself “How would they know I am having problems? Is there someone monitoring my computer?” the most likely answer is nO. Your primary defense of your data and your identity is you. Ask questions.

What’s the Hype About Music Education?

Submitted by: Musically Inclined

Are there any benefits to enrolling an infant or toddler in Music Classes? For babies and toddlers, the language development opportunities of songs and nursery rhymes are vital in the development of the brain. songs, movement, and musical games of childhood have been called brilliant neurological exercises that introduce children to speech patterns, sensory motor skills and essential movement skills. Small group settings at a young age also particularly develop both listening and social skills. the earlier music is introduced, the more potential a child has for learning. For students at any age, music is an essential part of a child’s education that brings so many benefits with it. learning music has shown to improve concentration, co-ordination, listening skills, reading, language, discipline, memory and math skills. Music also helps in psychological ways as well. either playing or listening to music can aid in relaxation and stress relief. It also encourages creativity and self- expression. Music education is an important part of any child’s education, and can be great for adults as well. there are many benefits to taking music lessons, including improved performance academically, particularly in Mathematics. It also improves memory, co-ordination, concentration, and the list goes on and on. whether you participate as an individual, as part of a group, using a musical instrument or your own voice, or simply combining your skills to sing, dance and act, there are many positive effects that music education has on us all.

Small Business Making a Community Impact

Submitted by: Kimberly Hoskins, B.Comm. Director of Marketing, Stow-a-way & The Lakeside at Thorburn

Corporate social responsibility – defined as the way companies integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into their values and operations. think of it as ways your business can positively impact your community. some small businesses feel that social responsibility can be handled by larger companies who can actually make a difference. Considering, however, that 70% of the workforce comes from small business, it is easy to see how they can make an impact in the community. Does your company recycle? Maybe you offer reusable shopping bags or donate plastic bottles to a charity. If so, you are headed in the right direction.

Consider the following other ways you can make a difference:

1. Volunteer – supporting a local not for profit group or helping with community clean- up days are some ways you can benefit your community. stow-a-way, a CBs storage business, believes strongly in volunteering and has employees who have volunteered for organizations such as United Way, St. John’s Board of Trade, the ClB, and Hospitality nl.

2. Provide support to Associations – By supporting local associations, you are in turn supporting your community, and the people in it. For the past two years, for example, stow-a-way has supported the red Cross by providing free on-site storage for emergency supplies. we also support the local “VOCM Cares Coats for Kids” campaign by providing free mobile storage for all donated coats and acting as a drop-off point.

3. Start your own Cause Marketing Campaign – It does not have to be big to make a difference. Use your website or Facebook page to post a link to a charity, collect change to donate, or offer discounts to customers who support a certain cause.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the many things Corporate social responsibility can mean. each step you take makes a difference. start small and you will quickly see the impact you, your business and your employees can make in the community.

Combat SAD

Submitted by: Ladies Fitness Zone

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a mood disorder that affects people at specific times throughout the year. the most common time for SAD to occur is during the winter months however, there are people who experience it in spring, summer or fall. Seasonal Affective Disorder shares many symptoms with other mood disorders including increased desire to sleep but never feeling refreshed, lack of energy, a withdrawal from family, friends and activities that you enjoy, hopelessness, anxiety, appetite changes, (especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates), weight gain, difficulty concentrating, and/or depression.
Its distinguishing feature that often leads to diagnosis is the fact that it occurs at the same time year after year. It can be a very debilitating condition but can be helped. Severe cases should be diagnosed and supervised by a doctor. Medications may be necessary in severe cases but light treatment and lifestyle changes can also help. Exercise is an excellent way to help improve your symptoms of SAD Physical activity causes brain pleasure centres to be stimulated, alters the levels of serotonin in our bodies and leads to feelings of wellbeing. exercise often boosts your self-esteem because you realize that ‘you’ are taking an active role in improving your health. Many forms of exercise are very social events whether it’s playing a team sport or attending a gym with the same people at the same time each day. And, of course weight loss and toning will occur with regular exercise and help combat any weight gain associated with SAD.

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