Begin to Live a Healthy and Vibrant Life

Submitted by: The Place of Natural Healing, 21 Murphys Lane

Everyone would like to live life to its fullest and to be vibrantly healthy.  To do this, the first place to start is by consuming whole, clean foods that will support great health.  Truly healthy foods may be found locally from farmers that go the extra mile, beyond conventional & industrial farming, to organic, free-range, pasture-raised, wild, real natural foods. Seek out local farmer’s markets to purchase the bulk of your food, and ask questions about the food you plan to purchase. Not all local food is organically grown or raised. If you really trust and know your local farmer, then having the “certified organic” seal is not so important.  However, know the questions to ask and demand superior products from our roadside markets and supermarkets. They will grow crops organically if the demand is there.

For produce ask:

  • What exactly did you use on the produce from seed to harvest? If they say “nothing was used”; ask
  • Did you use a synthetic fertilizer?
  • Did you use anything for bugs, weeds? If yes, what exactly?

The only things that should be used on crops are composted manure, composted kitchen scraps/garden waste, fish offal and kelp. Avoid purchasing crops grown with synthetic fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals that accumulate in your bodily tissues preventing vibrant health.

For animal products, such as eggs, meat and dairy ask:

  • Was the animal raised and finished on grass? They should not have been fed grain. If fed any portion of grain, as in winter months or for poultry, it should be a very low percentage of the overall feed and it must be certified organic—or at the very least, certified GMO-free.  REMEMBER that you will also be consuming those toxins when you eat the animal products.

Eat wild foods such as wild berries, wild fish and wild meats.  Always be sure to ask the right questions.  Eat safe and be healthy!


Planning your Garden

Submitted by: Hickey’s Greenhouse and Nursery, 782 Conception Bay Highway

Winter is basically the downtime for your garden. Everything is lying dormant waiting for the heat of spring. Now is a great time to plan! Just think ahead and imagine how nice your garden (as you see it now) will look next winter if you add Holly and Cotoneaster for their red berries, Red Osier / Siberian / Silverleaf or Flame Red Dogwoods for their red trunks as well as Japanese Maples, Birch and Beech for their interesting bark. Adding this color turns your garden into a four season enjoyment for you and the birds.

  •  Get some of that mulch in January when the Town puts the old Christmas trees through the shredder and turn them into piles of chip. It’s FREE!
  •  This is also the perfect time to sharpen garden tools, build benches, trellis, etc.
  •  Check out catalogues or go online to find hardy specimens for your garden (zone 2-4 preferably) as we are zone 5 and 5b. Hint: The lower the #, the hardier the plant and the more likely to survive our harsh climate.
  •  If you’re planning on landscaping a new area or changing around an old one, buy yourself a kit for home landscapers, available at Chapters. It contains a large grid and self-adhering cut-outs representing all the components of a garden. Mark off the dimensions of your garden and arrange your cut-outs to achieve the layout you want. There is also landscape design software available for your computer. Check it out!

Have a safe and productive winter!

Bright Business Achievement Award Winners!


During Small Business Week, three business owners in Conception Bay South were applauded for their passion and dedication to their industries and to Conception Bay South. Twelve businesses in three categories were nominated and the selection committee was tasked with choosing only one in each category as the 2012 best in business. Congratulations to all who were nominated. The Conception Bay South Bright Business Achievement Awards are sponsored by TD Canada Trust.




Community Pride and Partnership The MusicBox Musically InclinedAdmirals Coast Retirement CentreOcean Quest Adventure Resort
New Start Up Ever After Bridal Boutique Ladies Fitness ZoneSavvy To GoHappy Belly Bakery
Established Business Butler’s Quality Contracting Ltd. Musically InclinedBursey Manufacturing Inc.Admirals Coast Retirement Centre

Marketing Canada Award

The Town of Conception Bay South was awarded a Marketing Canada Award by the Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) for its Community Profile! The award was presented during EDAC’s  National Conference in October.

Poinsettias and Lillies Can be Potentially Fatal!

Submitted by: The Floral Boutique, 119 Conception Bay Highway

When you order flowers to send to someone in hospital you need to know that you can’t bring lillies or poinsettias. Both of these flowers blooms have latex in them, and can be fatal to someone with an allergy. All other flowers are okay, however some flowers have a stronger scent than others which some people have a reaction too as well, but it’s not life threatening. So keep this in mind the next time you place an order with your local florist.

Maintaining Independence and Freedom

Submitted by: Provincial Homecare, 824 Conception Bay Highway

Many seniors have difficulty getting around their homes safely, leaving family with some tough decisions.  Whether or not an elderly family member should move into an assisted living facility is often one of the key questions the family will face.  However, homecare is a viable option with many great benefits.  Having the proper home supports in place allows seniors to retain a sense of independence and freedom as they age.

Going Global!

Submitted by: Indigena, 2390 Topsail Road

Indigena Enterprises Inc has been invited to Hollywood to attend the prestigious private celebrity gifting event for the Golden Globes. These awards, now in their 70th year, are one of the 3 most watched award shows on television. “Having the opportunity to expose our products to the celebrities and stars at the Golden Globe Awards is the best opportunity for Indigena to make its international debut,” says Indigena investor, Rod White.

The glittering Golden Globe Awards ceremony held every January is hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Indigena will be at the private gifting lounge event with its models to promote Indigena, Indigena Sport, and Indigena Tattoo lines. A carefully selected choice of Indigena gifts is being prepared for editors, nominees and celebrities.

Lisa Walsh, Indigena President, made the connection with the organizers while visiting Anaheim California last March on a trade mission with the provincial government through Industry Trade and Rural Development at the “Natural Products West Expo.” “Strategic participation in events like these are integral to small start-up business success in the international marketplace,” says Walsh who founded Indigena in 2009.

Join Indigena on Twitter to follow new developments on this exciting opportunity as it unfolds.

Building Permits Statistics (As of October 31, 2012)

October 2011              October 2012              % Variance

Residential                                          $43,881,000                $40,899,000               -7

Commercial                                         $5,332,000                  $7,212,500                  35

Miscellaneous                                      $2,553,185                  $4,650,973                  39


Housing Starts                                         197                              220                              12

Commercial Starts                                   10                                16                                60

Miscellaneous Permits                           33                              478                              -24


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